You are amazing and our biggest desire is to help you not only realize that, but to own it!

So join us in our healing space and let's get you THRIVING. Because you are worthy!

Course... The Pussy Power Experience

I committed to living a juicy life, 3-4 years ago I think. It started with random conversations where I'd bring it up. And honestly it sounded weird even to my own ears. 🤣

But then the strange thing is that one day it literally clicked. You know, those moments when your angels literally put words in your mouth? And it stuck. They'd inspired me with the words and finally it clicked in place, thats what my soul was craving. 

A juicy, tasty life. Not sure what I mean? Let me create the visual...😎

That moment when you bite into a fresh and perfectly ripe, juicy mango. And it wakes your tastebuds up and then has a party in your mouth as the juice slides all over your face.

Or the moment you slice into a fresh orange and the juices burst from inside even before you can open it fully.

Or that moment when you're with your partner (or by yourself) and right before orgasm its like your whole body just comes alive! Every cell feels called to participate in that powerful and magickal moment!

That's juicy to me. And something in me knew, that it was time to get on that boat and leave all the old people and shit, behind. 

So I have. The last 4 years of my life have been crazy, fun, wild, weird, indescribable and so much more! I've left things, people, and places behind. 

I've poured into myself and faced my deepest fears. I've faced my deepest desires. And I gave myself full permission to be my motherfucking baddest self! 

Thats what made me decide to share it more. Thats what made me decide to create the PUSSY POWER Experience. 

So tell me... are you really ready? Because if you are, I'm here for it. Let's make some Magickal shit happen! 

Because you're not gonna get what you want or need, being surrounded by the same shit and same people if they haven't already helped you start getting there.

And I want for you, to get up and own your power. 

I want for you to get up and find yourself. She ain't lost, you just lost sight of her. 

I want for you to realize how fucking amazing you really are! I want for you to realize you can have the things you want and live a life that feels amazing to you!

2021 or any other year, isn't going to be different because the calendar changes. You are the one, the thing that has to changed. 

And just so you know, no, you will not literally be focused on your pussy at every moment of the experience. You'll be spending plenty of time with her, but you'll also be getting to know yourself on every other level as well. 

Daily focus points, money and wealth work, safe space to ask yourself the deeper questions and really get in touch with you badass greatness, but all at your own pace, what more could you ask for? :)

23 Modules

Day 1... Help us get to know you a little bit better (Quiz)

Hey lovebug! Take some time and answer the quiz questions for me in the first lesson. Don't stress about the questions, just take your time and share the honest things that come up for you. 

As you make your way through each day, take time to check in with yourself and be mindful of giving yourself space to truly acknowledge, feel and process through any emotions that come up. 

Old memories or judgments may surface and that's ok too. The most important thing you can do is to give yourself grace and trust yourself to do this work. 

Day 19... My Relationships are Loving and Harmonious

Modules for this product 23
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