You are amazing and our biggest desire is to help you not only realize that, but to own it!

So join us in our healing space and let's get you THRIVING. Because you are worthy!

Membership... Inner Soul Cafe/Mama Cafe

A lot of the amazing and beautiful souls we get to work with want to self pace themselves in the healing journey AND still have access to Jasmine as a healer. Our membership gives you the best of both worlds! 

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You get to dive in when you want, have access to all of our videos, trainings, webinars, energy healings, etc... and ask us questions, while having the benefit of get support from Jasmine. Whether you're on a budget, just want to take it slow or just not ready to dive all the way in... it's the best of both worlds. 

We can't wait for you to join, we're here and ready to support you. 

You can pay monthly, or save by buying 1 year's worth of access and getting a month free. :)

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OMG!!!!! You are here! 
I know if you made it here and found us, it was meant to be!! :) 

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I am so freaking excited! I can't wait for you to dive in and join us. Healing can be fun, adventurous, sexy and a roller coaster, lol! 

Dive in, check out the START HERE module and see our housekeeping rules for the space. Ask questions, have fun and let us help you make this an amazing experience! :)

;) Jasmine

Start Here

Hi Lovebug!!!

You are in like Flynn!!!
Thank you for joining us here in the Inner Soul Cafe Membership space. As you can see, things in here are broken down Modules (each topic has it's own module) and Lessons. So browse, dive in and get your healing on!

Remember, you are not alone, we are here to support you. So let's cover the housekeeping and expectations for this space. 

1. This is safe space to discover, ask questions and learn as you progress in your healing journey. 

2. As we reopen the community, more people coming in will mean that things shift naturally over time. We will do our best to maintain a space of peace and respect for all. We are inclusive. We ask and expect that you will share the same level of respect and compassion that you desire. 

3. Take breaks as you need to. Be it weekly or monthly, take time away to just breathe. No one can be focused on healing 24/7. We are here and we aren't going anywhere. So do the work, show up, engage and interact, but take breaks for your own mental health and wellbeing. 

4. Remember that being in this membership is not the same as working one on one with Jasmine. Jasmine along with everyone here at I Am HealingOne, will do our best to moderate this space and provide hands on support as we can. But that doesn't mean you can treat this space as your personal therapy or healing session. if you need more support and 1:1 help, then contact us so we can get you signed up into a package to get the support you need.

5. Hold yourself accountable. Every single one of us has to do the work to get the results we need in our lives. And no on can sidestep that. So, take inventory of where you are, decide where you want to go in your healing journey, and do the work to get there. 

6. Ask for help when you need it. No man is an island and we are not meant to do any of this alone. 

7. We love referrals and when you invite your loved ones and friends to participate. But please do it the right way. Send them the link so they can get signed up as well and join you. Please don't share your login information with anyone else. anyone found to be violating this or being harmful to anyone else in this space will be removed immediately. 

All things crystals and stones

If you have followed me for any length of time in recent years, you now i am absolutely in love with crystals and stones!!! :)

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I started working with crystals on accident, literally had no idea what they were. LOL! I just saw pretty things I wanted, to decorate my room and home. And it grew from there as I begin to understand how powerful they were and how to use in my life and healing journey. 

Course... I Am Worthy

Hey there beautiful soul! Welcome to the I Am Worthy 5 day mini course & Shadow Work & Deeper Healing mini mastermind course. 
Each day a new video will open for you. It has been set up this way so that you don't get overloaded trying to go through them all at once. Take your time and pace yourself. 

Course... Shadow Work & Deeper Healing

Shadow Work can be a beautiful and powerful way to tap into the deepest and most divine parts of who you are... but so many shy away from this type of work for fear it'll be too dark and overwhelming. 

EFT/ Tapping

I was first introduced to Tapping about 16-17 years ago and I have experimented with it a LOT to see what felt good for me, how it integrated into my daily routines and what results I could get from it. 

And I will say that it has been tremendously powerful for me. I've used tapping to help identify money wounds and stories, to heal feelings of unworthiness, and even in attracting in amazing clients for my business, love and self-care. 

I will also say that I don't believe anything should be forced. So if tapping isn't something you are ready for, or feel like it hasn't worked, don't feel like  you have to force it. 

Play around with trying negative and or positive rounds separately and together. Try it at different times in your day, try it combined with other modalities and tools. But don't force it. Try to have fun with it and allow it to flow in a way that feels good for you. 

You will find tapping on various areas of life here in the eft tapping module, and we will also add more over time. Be sure to let us now your requests and we'll add them in as we can. :)


Hey there beautiful soul!

What can you expect here in the BONUS section..?

Well this space will hold audios, videos and content that just may not fit in anywhere else, little goodies I put together in inspired moments, etc. So jump on in and enjoy!

As with all the other areas, the content here in the BONUS section is set on a drip schedule to populate over time so that it doesn't cause you to get overwhelmed and burn out. Pace yourself and create a healing journey that is fun and manageable. 

And don't hesitate to speak up if there is something you'd really like to learn or get into. Let me know and we'll see if it's possible to add it to the list of future topics. ;)

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I'm ready, sign me up!! ;)

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